The formulas, tricks and trade secrets of Private Equity


Sample Chapter

  1. Bolt-On Acquisitions: The Investment Economics

  2. Mergers & Acquisitions in Private Equity

  3. Preferred Stock vs Convertible Notes

  4. Private Equity Interview: Access the CEO

  5. Strategic Buyers vs Financial Buyers

  6. How to Succeed in a Private Equity Firm

  7. How to Get the Best Price When Selling a Business

  8. Private Equity Options: The Competitor Without a Face

  9. Pros and Cons of Private Equity Ratchets

  10. Equity Ratchet: The Private Equity Toolbox

  11. Private Equity Firms Love Tax, Yes Really

  12. Management Team: Importance of Cash in Private Equity

  13. Earn Out: Bridging the Value Gap in Private Equity

  14. Term Sheet: Lock-Up Provision

  15. Beware of Business Owner Exit

  16. Bolt On Acquisitions: Or are they just Clip-On?

  17. Controlling Interest or Minimum Stake in Private Equity

  18. Earn Out Funding: A Financing Tip for New Players

  19. Private Equity Portfolio: Post Financial Crisis

  20. The “Plus Stock at Value” Phenomenon

  21. Deal Origination and Cold Calls: Low Hanging Fruit

  22. Private Equity Terms: Equity Stake with Sizzle

  23. Private Equity Deal Killers

  24. Counter Cyclical Policy is all the Rage

  25. Secondary Buyouts: Are they Utterly Perverse?

  26. Leveraged Recapitalization as an Exit Strategy

  27. Private Equity Strategy and Investment Types

  28. Pros and Cons of Investment Bankers in Private Equity

  29. Private Equity Deal Structure

  30. Private Equity Deal Origination Channels

  31. Exit Strategies for Private Equity Funds

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Private Equity

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