The formulas, tricks and trade secrets of Private Equity


Sample Chapter

  1. Shark Tank: Lessons for Entrepreneurs

  2. Life in a Startup

  3. Key to Success in Business: What Matters in Private Equity?

  4. The Essence of a Business

  5. Workplace Performance

  6. Salary vs Performance

  7. Bootstrap vs Private Equity

  8. Being an Entrepreneur

  9. Private Equity Business Model: A Humble Hero

  10. Entrepreneurial Quotient

  11. Customer Development

  12. Corporate Governance

  13. Adhocracy: The Antithesis of Today’s Corporate Strategy

  14. Entrepreneur in Private Equity

  15. Private Equity Failure: Where’s the Entrepreneurial Blood?

  16. Debtor Finance, Invoice Factoring and Liquidity

  17. Cost Driven Pricing: Drucker’s Deadly Business Sin

  18. The Ideal Board of Directors

  19. Private Equity 101: The Amplifying Effect of Decreasing Sales

  20. Private Equity Analysis: Financial Statements In-Depth

  21. Private Equity Risk Management and ISO Principles

  22. Porter’s Additional Forces: 6th and 7th

  23. Porter’s 5 Forces in Private Equity

  24. Customer Value Proposition in Private Equity

  25. Tips to Get Private Equity Backed

  26. Types of Private Equity Due Diligence

  27. What is Private Equity?

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Private Equity

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