Private Equity Structuring

Topic: Structuring

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  1. Preferred Stock vs Convertible Notes

  2. Clawback: Just a Private Equity Ratchet

  3. Accretion vs Dilution: Analysis in Private Equity

  4. Term Sheets: Indemnification for the Private Equity Firm

  5. Pre-Money vs Post-Money Valuation

  6. Earn Out Ratchets in Practice II

  7. Private Equity Ratchets in Practice

  8. Pros and Cons of Private Equity Ratchets

  9. Equity Ratchet: The Private Equity Toolbox

  10. Term Sheets: Non-Compete

  11. Private Equity Deal: Minority Investments Preferred

  12. Private Equity Fees: Faster Investment Return

  13. Earn Out: Bridging the Value Gap in Private Equity

  14. Term Sheet: Lock-Up Provision

  15. Term Sheets: Preferred Participation and Liquidation Preference

  16. Term Sheets: Drag-Along Rights

  17. Controlling Interest or Minimum Stake in Private Equity

  18. Preference Shares: Do Private Equity Investors Deserve Them?

  19. Earn Out Funding: A Financing Tip for New Players

  20. Are Earnouts in Private Equity Fair?

  21. Term Sheets: Exclusivity

  22. Private Equity Term Sheet Treatise

  23. Warren Buffett’s Version of Private Equity Carried Interest

  24. Vendor Finance Example

  25. Vendor Finance in Private Equity

  26. Private Equity Legal: Keeping Lawyers Happy

  27. Private Equity Terms: Equity Stake with Sizzle

  28. The Ideal Board of Directors

  29. Private Equity Deal Killers

  30. Trade Deal vs Private Equity Deal

  31. Net Asset Adjustment at Settlement

  32. Private Equity Deal Structure

  33. Private Equity Deal Origination Channels

Private Equity Deal Origination Channels

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