The formulas, tricks and trade secrets of Private Equity

Theories Ideas

Sample Chapter

  1. The Value Gap in Private Equity

  2. Bolt-On Acquisitions: The Investment Economics

  3. Mergers & Acquisitions in Private Equity

  4. Strategic Buyers vs Financial Buyers

  5. Mistakes of Ambition vs Mistakes of Sloth

  6. Change your Job Every 6-12 Months

  7. Boring Businesses: Maybe Not the Post Crisis Answer

  8. How to Succeed in a Private Equity Firm

  9. We Love Boring in Private Equity

  10. Theory of Unprofitable Customers

  11. Hard Negotiation in Private Equity

  12. Private Equity Team: Sure, Let’s Get Married After 60 Minutes

  13. Equity Returns for Debt Risk

  14. Private Equity Team Communication

  15. Private Equity Fees: Faster Investment Return

  16. Human Behaviour in Private Equity

  17. The Private Equity Investor Has No Clothes

  18. Public vs Private Valuations in Private Equity

  19. Warren Buffett’s Version of Private Equity Carried Interest

  20. Private Equity Funds: The Dictatorship of the Proletariat

  21. Private Equity Deal Selection: Mostly Speculation?

  22. Private Equity Industry: Is Governance Needed?

  23. Characteristics of an Attractive Industry and Market

  24. Principal Agent Problem: A Private Equity Example

  25. Counter Cyclical Policy is all the Rage

  26. Leveraged Recapitalization as an Exit Strategy

  27. Trade Deal vs Private Equity Deal

  28. Pros and Cons of Investment Bankers in Private Equity

  29. A New Benchmark Risk Free Rate

  30. What is Private Equity?

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Private Equity

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