The formulas, tricks and trade secrets of Private Equity


Sample Chapter

  1. Accretion vs Dilution: Analysis in Private Equity

  2. Enterprise Value: After You Issue Equity?

  3. Does Enterprise Value Include Working Capital?

  4. Working Capital Series: Management and Improvements

  5. Pre-Money vs Post-Money Valuation

  6. Earn Out Ratchets in Practice II

  7. Private Equity Ratchets in Practice

  8. Working Capital Series: Change in Working Capital Valuation

  9. How to Calculate CAPEX from Financial Statements

  10. When to Use EBITDA vs EBIT

  11. Quick and Dirty Business Valuation

  12. Earn Out: Bridging the Value Gap in Private Equity

  13. The “Plus Stock at Value” Phenomenon

  14. Negative Equity Value, but Positive Cash Flow

  15. Negative Equity, Positive EBITDA in Private Equity

  16. Private Equity Valuation: EBITDAC vs EBITDA vs NPAT vs FCF

  17. How Does CAPEX Affect FCF (Free Cash Flow)

  18. What is CAPEX (Capital Expenditure)?

  19. Private Equity Deal Multiples: The Drivers of Valuation

  20. How to Use the Earnings Multiple Valuation Method

  21. Valuation Methods in Private Equity

  22. Private Equity Deal Killers

  23. Trade Deal vs Private Equity Deal

  24. Private Equity Deal Structure

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Private Equity

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