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I just read a great quote by Jim Rogers, of Adventure Capitalist fame, and thought you may find it somewhat motivating (or de-motivating, depending on your situation), especially in relation to your fit for working in private equity.

If you ask a thousand people if they want to be rich, every one except the poet and the mystic will say yes. When you explain what is needed to become rich, maybe 600 of that initial 998 will say, “No problem, I can do that.” But when push comes to shove, when they have to sacrifice everything else in their lives–having a spouse and children, a social life, possibly a spiritual life, maybe every pleasure–to meet their goal, almost all of them, too, will fall away. Only about six of the original thousand will continue on the hard path.

Most of us don’t have the discipline to stay focused on a single goal for five, ten, or twenty years, giving up everything to bring it off, but that’s what’s necessary to become an Olympic champion, a world-class surgeon, or a Kirov ballerina…

Such goals take complete dedication.

While Rogers’ goal may have been to become rich, and while many of us think we’re after more noble pursuits (though mostly we’re just being righteous), it’s hard to deny Jim’s truth. Working in private equity takes something special because it’s such a niche sought after field.

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